A Brief History of Hollywood

Hollywood is perhaps one of the best-known cities on the globe thanks to its popularity and fame. It is the birth place of most of the movies that are produced in the United States and the cultural hub of the movie industry. Many famous names are linked to this city that has as inhabitants some of the most famous and rich persons in the United States. But this city wasn’t always so glamorous, and it has a quite humble origin.

It was established in 1853 and was composed of an adobe hut just outside of Los Angeles, California. It was an agricultural community that thrived thanks to the weather and climatic position. The most notable historic figure is Harvey Henderson Wilcox that was a real estate tycoon. The name of this place comes from his wife, Daeida. He heard the story of a name that described her home back in Ohio. The name came from the Dutch variant of Hollywood. Daeida liked Hollywood very much as a name and she soon named her ranch “Hollywood”.

Thomas Edison’s Motion Picture Patents Company

In 1887, Wilcox submitted the grid map of the new town to the Los Angeles recorder’s office. This was the official birth of the city of Hollywood. In 1900, the city had a population of about 500 inhabitants. The city was developing slowly, and the big movie boom will come in early 1900. Many moviemakers were coming to Los Angeles because of the very strict rules imposed by Thomas Edison’s Motion Picture Patents Company located in New Jersey. After many companies established their headquarters in Los Angeles they decided to explore the neighbouring areas.

Biograph was filmed In Old California in Hollywood. The movie was a hit and many other movie companies oriented to Hollywood. The first motion picture studio was built in 1911 by Al Christie. The Charlie Chaplin studio was built in 1917 and the popularity of this area rocketed. The famous “Hollywood” was actually “Hollywood Land” when it was built in 1923. Soon it fell into disrepair and with the construction of a new one the name was shortened and registered to the Chamber of Commerce.

The famous “Hollywood Walk of Fame” was first built in 1956 in order to award the main figures in the entertainment history. The number of stars increases with approximately two per month and they extend on hundreds of meters. It is a material proof of all the talents that worked in Hollywood over time.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The first Academy Award presentation was also in Hollywood. It took place in 1929 at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and it included four categories: best picture, best leading actor, best leading actress and best production. The end of silent movie era boosted the popularity of Hollywood even more. More movie studios were popping up all over the city. Aspiring actors could be found in almost every hotel in the city and the expansion and growth was unstoppable.

Nowadays Hollywood is the main landmark of the movie industry worldwide. We can say that it definitely exceeded the expectations of its founders.