Amazing Oscar Winning Movies to See Now

Making a movie is a joint process which requires resources as well as specialists in various sectors of the film industry to create some outstanding works. If you’ve patiently watched a movie to its very end, there is always some endless list of names displayed known as credit. The list generally acknowledges all personnel who were involved in the build-up of the movie. In a bid to appreciate the magnificent efforts input by actors, producers, directors and other crew members, there are distinguished awards granted to remarkable individuals for a job well-done. Academy awards famously known as Oscars is a noble prize awarded for decent performance in cinema. There is a reason these movies get these awards, they are well worth watching and if you haven’t seen team then you need to soon! This article will highlight some of the award-winning productions that are worth your time.

12 Years a Slave

The film is a slave narrative with accounts of a free African-American New Yorker by the name Solomon Northup who was kidnapped in Washington DC by two con men who eventually sold him to slavery in the year 1841. The production was released in 2013, 30th of August in Telluride film festival.

Steve McQueen directed the film. Ever since the film has been nominated for nine academic awards out of which, it managed to scoop three awards. Lupita Nyong’o grabbing the best-supporting Actress award, John Ridley for best-adapted screenplay last in line is McQueen with an astonishing achievement for best pictures.

The God Father

Categorized as a crime film, God Father is a collaboration of two ingenious personnel directed and produced by Francis Ford and Albert Rubby respectively in 1972. The story is credited to Mario Puzo’s best-selling novel which is a fictional account of leading two crime families in New York.

Pursuing this further, Marlon Brando and Al Pacino are the stars of the film depicted as the two most feared families in matters illegalities. The production bagged three Oscars and a couple of nominations for the same award. Some of the awards are; best picture, best actor and best adapted screenplay. In 1990 the movie was chosen to be preserved by the US National Film Registry and is regarded as the most influential film in the gangster genre. 

The Lord of the Rings

The film is a fantasy drama filled with incredible characters and an engaging story that you can’t get enough of. The Lord of the Rings is based upon an epic fantasy novel by the much-acclaimed J. J. R. Tolkien and directed by Peter Jackson released in series between the years 2001 and 2003.

The plot introduces a hobbit Frodo charged with the mandate of destroying an evil ring created by Lord Sauron. Frodo is accompanied by friends as they journey to Mount Doom for the ordeal while concurrently being pursued by Lord Sauron. The film boasts of an incredible 17 Oscar awards and 30 nominations among others like Alexandria and Amanda.