America’s Most Haunted Movie Theaters

America's Most Haunted Movie Theaters
America’s Most Haunted Movie Theaters

Watching a movie at the theatre is an experience that everyone loves. Watching a horror movie at the theatres is probably the best experience you can encounter, especially if you are a fan of things scary. But, there is one thing that pushes the envelope when it comes to facing something scary while watching an onscreen entertainer; it is watching a movie in a theatre that is haunted. Here are some of the most terrifying movie theatres there are in America.

The Egyptian Theatre

This theatre is located in Park City, in Utah. It was consumed by fire in the late 1800s. The opera house that is contained in the city was burnt to the ground paving the way for the Dewey theatre to be built. The Dewey theatre housed some of the best art that the town had remaining to keep the culture alive, but a record snowfall broke the roof. The same time, the tomb of King Tut of Egypt was discovered and inspired the way to construct the Egyptian Theatre in the year 1926. The theatre lays the backdrop for all things Sundance Film Festival related today. However, there are a few things in this theatre that cannot be captured on camera, including the ghosts that haunt the theatre. Several mysterious and unexplained events have occurred at the theatre that people know to be wary of the place. Loud footsteps of no one and doors opening of their own according are only a couple of examples of what happens inside. However, the creepiest is being pushed and shoved by a restless male spirit who does not do well with visitors to the theatre.

The Silent Movie Theatre

This theatre is anything but silent when it is filled with the screams of patrons and passers-by. John Hampton opened it as Old Time Movies in the year 1942. It was, in fact, a theatre that was only used to showcase silent plays and films. However, Hampton died from cancer he contacted by using preservatives on the movie he showcased. He died in the year 1990, and the next owner of the theatre was killed in the lobby by a hitman in 1997. The theatre was renamed as Cinefamily which is what people know it as today. The theatre showcases weird and lovely films on a single screen. However, the original owners of the theatre still make their appearances from time to time.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Located in Los Angeles in California, this theatre is adorned by concrete sculptures, foot and handprints and all things gnarly. It was the theatre where a few years of Academy Awards were held as well. While the theatre is well known for its award fame, it is said to house the ghost of Victor Killian. Victor was killed by robbers who he looks for to this day in the theatre, and several people have sighted the character actor from the past, even today. People have mentioned that strange occurrences have happened while visiting the theatre, such as being slapped and pushed.