How to Find the Latest Movies

Looking for something new to watch this weekend. There are so many options out there for places to see movies and ways in which to watch them. How do you find what’s best? Whether it’s a trip out to the movie theatre or a night in with your friends, finding the best movies to watch can be a dilemma. You don’t know what is out, you don’t know what is best and then you have to all agree on the same movie. It can be hard, what should be an enjoyable occasion has turned into a challenge. So, if you need to find a good movie to watch, these are the best ways to find them!

How to Find the Latest Movies

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten tomatoes is known for giving extremely accurate ratings and reviews of movies. They don’t sugar coat their reviews. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to get a good idea of if the movie you’re interested in is worth watching. You can read other viewers thoughts and options on the film before committing to watching something so that you are sure that it is something you would like before heading out to the movie theatre.


Nowadays practically everyone is using Netflix, it’s a great place to watch older movies and a series of Netflix originals. Netflix has hundreds of options of all genres. For less than $10 a month you get an endless number of movies and tv shows! A fantastic feature of Netflix is that after you have watched a few movies or shows with your account it will give you suggestions as to what you would most likely like to watch. If you are unsure of what to watch, check out this feature and have the perfect movie night at home!


The International Movie Data Base is a great site to check out when looking for a film to watch. They have trailers for upcoming movies, they have reviews of movies currently in theatres and they have any and all information for almost every movie ever made. If you want to look for movies by your favourite actor, you can search by actor, by director or by movie title. They truly have an unlimited supply of information regarding movies. If you have any questions about a film you want to see, check them out first, you won’t be disappointed!


Fandango is another great place to find movies playing near you, you can search by zip code so that you can find a movie theatre near you and then see what is playing. Or if you know exactly what you want to see you can search by movie, then find out where it is playing. You can also purchase tickets through the site so that you do not have to wait in line when you arrive at the theatre. This website really is the best if you want to go out to the movies.

Movie theatre

With these helpful tips and tricks, you will no doubt be able to find a new movie to watch at home or in the theatre. Enjoy!