Renowned Movie Theatres in New York

Movies are perhaps the main branch of the entertainment industry. Their popularity grew when voice movies first appeared, and their rise has never stopped. The best-known city of the movie industry may be Hollywood but many other cities across the globe developed strong movie industries. New York is one of the strongest cities when it comes to artistic and cultural movements and it developed a vat network of movie theatres over time. We have selected some of the best movie theatres in New York in order to make your entertainment journey even more interesting and fun.

Video revival is a very unique non-profit theatre that features many contemporary movies. The setting is very intimate and the price of a ticket ranges between 0 and 15$. The theatre often hosts cultural events or movie marathons, it is a cool unique place to see a film.

IFC Centre is a movie theatre located in Manhattan. This theatre is the perfect choice for those who want to watch foreign movies, documentaries or indie movies. It regularly hosts social events with celebrities, LGBTQ speakers and representatives of the cultural world. It also features an exhibition with vintage movie posters from around the world.

Nitehawk cinema is part cinema part restaurant. You can forget the old movie snacks when you enter this cinema. The movie snacks are designed for the hour of the screening. So, for a morning movie you can choose from a wide range of breakfast dishes for example. The snacks are also designed for every movie in order to make your experience even better. It features many indie movies but also popular ones. There is a special family movie option in which parents can come with babies or younger children to the movies.

Syndicated is also a great choice for food and cocktail lovers. This cinema has special menus for each event and features many unique cocktails. Perhaps you are curious to try a “Dirty Dancing” or a “Run Forest, Run” before you enter the movie hall. The food menu also features amazing recipes like burgers, classic movie snacks and themed dishes.

BAM Rose Cinemas stand for Brooklyn Academy of Music. This theatre likes to continue the tradition of classic movies, puppet shows and old indie screening. The movie hall is very large, and festivals are often hosted here. It is the perfect place for those who want a movie night with a twist.

Anthology Film Archives is both a movie theatre and a museum. This place has screening all day long and every time you enter you will be surprised. The purpose of this place is to keep the memory of past iconic movies alive in a very cosy, intimate atmosphere.

Landmark Sunshine Cinema is perhaps one of the oldest in New York. It is located in the Yiddish Theatre that was built in 1898. This cinema features a wide variety of movies and the architecture of the building is definitely unique. It has five screens and the city view can be admired from the third floor.