Top Comedy Movies to See This Year

For centuries comedy has played a crucial role in spearheading human interaction and it’s rooting can be traced back to its first form; slapstick comedy. Comedy films have something for everyone both young and the old. Besides, comedy amuses audiences, and its little wonder that it’s so beloved. We all love a good comedy when we want to be cheered up, but at times we don’t know which one to watch. This year will not be any different, and it already started on a high note with some incredible works already complete. Stick around and read through the article keenly to get a taste of some of the delightful comedy films cracking people’s ribs in the living rooms.

Game Night

The movie Game Night is a blurred reflection of your typical game nights. It starts with a romantic affair of two lovebirds Max and Annie after the duo met in a bar on trivia night. Their relationship ended in marriage which faced significant challenges due to Anne failing to get pregnant.

In addition to that, the matter is worsened by the fact that Max is feeling inferior compared to his brother Brooks whose is attractive and successful. With the company of married couples Kevin and Michelle, Brooks invites Max and Annie over at his visiting house for a game night. After the arrival of all participants, Brooks roles out a new game referred to as misery game with the winner bagging a stingray courtesy of the host. The movie is an artistic blend of both humor and horror at once.


Blockers was released on 10th of March earlier this year at the South by Southwest festival. The screen motion picture features household names in Hollywood like; John Cena, Lesli Mann, and Barinholtz.

The Blockers movie stands as a decent guide to parents particularly those with teenage children. This favorite movie features three gorgeous ladies portrayed as high school seniors who make a promise to one another to lose their respective virginities on prom night. Unfortunately for them, their parents Lisa, Mitchell, and Hunter receive a reckoning revelation of their ridiculous plan after which they form a team to help avert the trio’s plan.

Isle of Dogs

Animation movies seem to be a favorite among viewers of all ages. It’s not surprising that the makers of the Isle of Dogs seized the opportunity to release a comedy.

The movie features a young 12-year-old boy known as Atari who sets out on a courageous journey in search of his bodyguard dog spots. Owing to a breakout of dog flu virus, Kobayashi the sovereign authority of Nagasaki city puts pen to paper a decree that leads to expatriation of all dogs from the city of Nagasaki to the island of Trash.

Atari boards a plane headed to the island for a searching spree hoping that somehow, he might reunite with his canine.