Top Movie Editing Studios Around the World

Can you even imagine a life without the movie industry? No Hollywood, no Wesley Snipes, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, take a minute and think about it. The movie making industry has for a long time been a reliable source of entertainment, inspiration and generally an educative platform to multitudes around the world. Among the key reasons for this is because the post-production work goes unnoticed by many. Post-production entails editing raw material to make sense of everything. Editing entails adding special effects, translation – where necessary, deleting unnecessary bits, and so much more. All of this is done by sophisticated software and expertise.

For quite a long time now, movie studios have dominated the movie making field and for a good reason. The amount of work and creativity that they put towards making movies surpasses most of their competitors. Below are some of the leading movie studios in the world.

Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney studio operates under Walt Disney Company under its entertainment arm. On October 16th, 1923 Disney Studio started back on 11th October 1923 courtesy of two brothers Walt and Roy Disney who first named the company Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio.

Ever since its inception, Disney Studio has time and again produced leading animation films and set a benchmark for all animation production. Over the years Walt Disney studio has received nominations and congratulatory awards for their compelling productions.

The fifth Academy award ceremony earned Walt Disney his first Honorary Academy award for the creation of the Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney is responsible for the best movies of all time such as; Snow White, Peter Pan, Seven Dwarfs and Frozen.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Warner Bros, an entertainment company, traces its roots to the United States where it began as a joint establishment co-owned by Warner brothers Harry, Jack, Sam and Albert Warner.

Started way back in the year 1918, the siblings brought Warner brothers studio to limelight which over many years grew to the powerhouse we know of today, famed for producing record-breaking movies enjoyed by fans around the globe.

Furthermore, the Warner Bros has amassed a couple of prestigious awards such as the respected Academy Awards and the Oscars.

In 1947 Warner Bros bagged her first award in the animation sector for Best Short Subject Cartoon; category credited to Tweetie Bird animation film. In recent times, Dunkirk and Blade Runner 2049 films have put Warner Bros in the spotlight yet again for their excellent cinematography and visual effects.

NBC Universal Studios

General Electric and Vivendi Universal Entertainment in 2004 merged to form NBC Universal Studios. Vivendi Universal was bought out by General Electric in 2013, paving the way for a new party Comcast who purchased a 51% controlling stake in NBC Universal.

NBC Universal prides itself of producing leading motion picture productions like; The Mummy, The Great Wall, Fifty Shades Red, The Thing, Big Miracle and Safe House; all top-selling movies which says a lot of NBC’s pedigree in movie production.