Well-Known Movie Theatres in Los Angeles

The movie industry is perhaps the main branch of the entertainment industry. It started quite shy at the beginning of the 20th century and over the past decade it spread all over the world. Los Angeles is perhaps the place that gets associated the most with the movie industry, besides Hollywood, of course. It was the birthplace of many movie companies that still exist. Many of these companies had their own movie theatres where they showed only their movies. A law in the late 40’s banned this and made the theatres open for all movie companies. We have selected some of the best movie theatres in Los Angeles in order to help you on your entertainment journey through the magical city of Los Angeles.

TCL Chinese Theatre is definitely a very unique building. The construction began in the 20’s and it resembles a Chinese palace. It is decorated with Chinese sculptures, bells and paintings that give this place a great impact. It hosts many red-carpet events thanks to its looks and it manages to attract many tourists thanks to the existence of celebrity foot prints in this cinema. It was renovated in 2013 and features very modern updates that will satisfy any viewer.

The Egyptian Theatre is Sid Grauman’s first movie theatre in Hollywood. It was opened in 1922, just a month before the legendary discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. The theatre soon turned into the main attraction thanks to the Ancient Egypt decorations, the costumes worn by the staff and the overall atmosphere. The movie theatre was renovated in 1988 and now hosts different celebrity events while still having a regular cinema program.

The Westwood Village movie theatre is one of the largest in Hollywood. It has 1300 seats and thanks to the size it often hosts red carpet events. It was opened in 1931 and it can be easily recognized thanks to the huge white tower that marks the entrance of the movie theatre.

El Capitan Theatre is also easy to spot. This is a Disney-owned cinema and it was also opened by Sid Grauman. It features a very unique exterior with flashing lights and a Latino atmosphere. The interior has marks of the classical past of this place. It used to be a live theatre during the years before Disney purchased the building.

The Paramount Drive In Theatre will definitely take you back to the past. This place features many movies, but it is unfortunately weather dependant and movies are sometimes postponed because of rain. But the feeling of watching a movie on a summer night in a convertible is irreplaceable.

Nuart Theatre likes to preserve the past. The outer design of this movie theatre keeps the 50’s feeling and the movies features vary from independent production to icon classical movies. It is definitely the place to go if you are looking for a less regular movie night.

Los Angeles features many movie theatres. There are still many more to discover in this city of entertainment.